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Pampolina Girls Solid Ankle Lenth Capri-Olive

Pampolina Girls Solid Ankle Lenth Capri-Olive

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Get ready to change up her wardrobe with these Pampolina Girls Solid Ankle Length Capri-Olive! These trendy and versatile capri pants are perfect for any occasion. Made with comfortable and durable fabric, your little fashionista will love the style and you'll love the quality. (It's a win-win!)

Fabric Specifications

"Get ready to take on the day with our Pampolina Girls Solid Ankle Length Capri in Olive! Made with soft, high-quality materials, these capris ensure comfort and durability. Perfect for your little one's everyday adventures. Say goodbye to dull and hello to stylish!"

washing instructions

"Clean up is a breeze with Pampolina's Solid Ankle Length Capri-Olive - just toss in the machine and you're good to go! (No more stains!)"


"Playfully chic, these Pampolina Girls Solid Ankle Length Capris in Olive offer a blend of comfort and style. Made with a cotton+polyester mix, these capris provide a soft and lightweight feel perfect for all-day play. A must-have for your little fashionista's wardrobe!"

General information

Pampolina Girls Solid Ankle Length Capri-Olive is a must-have for your little fashionista. This trendy piece is made with a unique fabric blend of polyester and cotton. The solid pattern screams style while keeping your girl comfortable. Perfect for any occasion, it's made in India and boasts a playful, knit fabric type. Plus, with no sleeves or neckline to worry about, this capri is a no-brainer choice. Order now, before it's too late!

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